One of the things I love about my work is learning about people’s accomplishments and how they see the future for themselves, business, family or community. I play a small role in supporting great ideas.

General Writing

• Exhibition storyline research and narrative
• Website image, narrative and content organization with tech team
• Book main narrative writing (four published books with awards, two self-published)
• Newsletter content organization

Community Writing & Successful Projects

  • This sampling of grants/projects I have worked on and listed include expertise and much hard work from originators, artists, scientists and collaborative support between the community and funders.

• Palaeontological Exhibitions
• Funding for restoration of heritage buildings (each over 2.5M)
• General capacity building
• Annual Operating
• Seniors Infrastructure
• Job Opportunities programs
• Forestry training programs
• Targeted administrative training programmes
• Bio-fuel Project
• Traveling exhibitions
• Wharf restoration
• Installation of palaeontological exhibitions
• Branding and communications (with graphic artists)
• Dryland Forest Restoration
• Hawaii Forestry Forums, Hawaii Forest Institute Webpage

• NSERC program delivery

 Community Infrastructure

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