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My name is Deborah Griffiths. I support leaders of small community nonprofits in organizing their work and activating their ideas for community impact. I provide funding content support and operating and admin coaching for: Small nonprofits leading Education, Heritage, Health & Enjoyment, Youth Programs and Sports initiatives.

If you have an idea about your organization’s future, or about a project you’d like to see happen in your community, congratulations. You, as an originator, have taken the first step in initiating progress in any number of areas including education, building, health, the arts, heritage, sports, agriculture, the environment and more. Your ideas could help shape the world in a positive way.

I provide practical, actionable support in two main and exciting areas:

Year Round Organization: Making Room for You and Your Ideas

Targeting and Acquiring the Funds You Need

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Areas of Support

Some of the subject areas I have worked on with clients and succeeded in funding.

  • Funding for restoration of heritage buildings (each over 2.5M)
  • Recycling and open waste management
  • Seniors Infrastructure
  • Job Opportunities programmes
  • Forestry training programmes
  • Targeted administrative training programmes
  • Bio-fuel Project
  • Traveling exhibitions
  • Wharf restoration
  • Installation of palaeontological exhibitions
  • Branding and communications (with graphic artists)
  • Dryland Forest Restoration
  • Hawaii Forestry Forums
  • Development of websites and organization of content (working with web designers)
  • NSERC program delivery
  • Community Infrastructure