Before you can convey your project to funders, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of its components and how you’ll proceed.

An easy way to begin this process is to map the project out visually. A mind map is a diagram or drawing used to outline tasks, and to begin to organize and structure your project–essentially it’s brainstorming on paper. Here’s a description on Wikipedia

Who’s involved? Where will it take place? Is this a community priority? Who are the other potential partners that might join you on the project, newspapers, politicians, volunteers? What are the tasks in the project? What are the deliverables?

Mind mapping for small projects is a great way to lay all of the components out and to reorganize them for planning, timelines and budgets. The cost of a large sketch book at your local store for mapping your project clearly will save you many hours and dollars in the long run.

For larger community projects, it’s wise to invest in the expertise of a professional planner who can guide mapping out of community priorities and consensus building.