Have you ever been so overwhelmed when starting on a funding proposal that you don’t know where to start? You know what the project looks like in your mind. You know it can succeed. But how do you convey this to funders and partners?

Begin with thinking about the basics. Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Does your organization have the ability to follow through with the project and, if it does, how will you convey this?
  • Is this a priority driven by the community?
  • Will the funds affect a wide audience or group of people? You know how much your project will impact the community but coming up with examples, numbers and supporters will help your submissions.
  • Is the funder right for your project? Some organizations make the mistake of responding to every call for proposals–even if the funder’s criteria may not fit your project. Make sure your needs as well as those of the funder.

Check the Free Resource page to see a Five Point Checklist for Creating Effective Proposals