Here’s the scoop. You work with an organization or live in a community with many talented people—including yourself. There are products, services, information and everyday news that you would like to get out to the broader world via the internet to build awareness, sell products and to create a vibrant portal for incoming and outgoing information.

So what’s stopping you? From my own experience, the main obstacles to getting the organizations I work with messages’ online are time, money and the mechanics of getting content onto the existing webpage for news and everyday events.

There is a solution to this.

Work with your webmaster to switch your webpage over to WordPress or any other of the free Content Management Systems (CMS) available now. My experience is with WordPress so that’s what I will focus on in the next few blogs. WordPress is an open source web-publishing platform that enables admin staff to change and create content as you need. It is, in short, for real-world, high quality organizations like yours—a miracle.

Up to recently, most organizations and communities worked with a webmaster who changed all content at an hourly or monthly rate. Typically, content changes are time consuming with editing back and forth. Occassionally, you might miss an important date because of the time lapse.

Now, with Word Press, your content changes are at your fingertips and the time you spend with your webmaster can be spent more productively (for you and them) implementing better designs and formats, creating electronic newsletters and moving into social media. In short, the clumsy mechanics of content changes are gone.