Organizing for Profit in the Nonprofit World

Nonprofit leadership is a balancing act. My main focus is in helping shape funding content and requests, ops/admin support and coaching for small nonprofits working in the areas of education, heritage, environment, women and families, community heath and enjoyment and youth sports programs.

Finding corporate, grant and content aspects of nonprofit work a challenge? If you’re finding corporate, grant and content aspects of nonprofit work a challenge, there are ways to make these aspects of nonprofit work easier, more interesting and enjoyable.

The result: more time to deliver your organization’s unique mandate and creating systems that respect your work and personal time and support you in leading a nonprofit business.

I provide support in two areas:

-Year Round Organization: Making Room for You and Your Ideas

-Targeting and Acquiring the Funds You Need

So where are you with your nonprofit work? Just getting started? Trying to develop a plan? Or are you regrouping for the future?

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I received my Master of Arts in Leadership and Training at Royal Roads University and had the great opportunity to learn from innovative instructors and fellow students. I focused my thesis on the role nonprofits play in community and economic wellness. I have been working with community nonprofits and the creative people who lead them for over thirty years. I’m also a published author, mom and grandmother.

Experiences I’ve had with annual tasks, Boards of Directors, colleagues, and government, have given me a practical understanding of challenges nonprofit leaders face with small staff numbers and big responsibilities. Through this, and from others, I’ve learned how to create systems for annual cycle routines that give you more time to build a great team, and to move forward. Let’s have a conversation. Click here  for a free 30 minute  introductory call to see how we could work together.