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Work With Me

The main goal of GNG Communications Inc. is to support organizational and executive leadership for clients and to find clear paths to move forward.

GNG’s strengths are in helping to create clear communications that support long-term operations and funding strategies. There are three main areas in which we work:

  • Nonprofit organizational and funding support,
  • Funder criteria and application review support, and
  • Tourism writing and story-line development for destination and knowledge tourism
GNG Communications clients include First Nations, nonprofit organizations, associations, businesses, local and regional governments and individuals. The company works with you to create funding proposals, support documents and communications for project advancement and funding . For more information on rates, please contact info@griffithscommunications.com 


Nonprofit and Funder Support

First, if you need support in getting your grant information organized,  you might want to download my free resources for getting organized:

If you want to take it a step further, please see my book The Grant Writing and Funding Coach–Target and Acquire the Funds You Need published with Self Counsel Press in April 2017.

Grant Summary Feedback

In the grant world, success isn’t about how much you say about your project, it’s about how succinctly you say it. A grant summary is the pivotal document around which most information flows.

If you’d like feedback on a summary, I can help you with it and will provide information on pricing when requested. I welcome most projects but can only respond in English. For more information, please contact me at info@griffithscommunications.com with a brief description of your project and I will reply as quickly as possible. All information is confidential.

Destination and Tourism Writing

With over twenty five years experience in destination and education tourism writing and funding I provide services to help create clear content that your business or organization can easily reshape for all aspects of communications and social media.

Timely and Reliable Messaging

Do you want to deliver the heart of your message to customers and potential visitors without overloading them with information? With all the media options today, keeping messaging clear and reliable is preferable for your readers.

I work with clients to:

  • Create hub summaries that you can easily rework without having to start over for every new event or occasion,
  • Go with the “less is more” concept with content. If your content becomes reliable and consistent in its style, message and timing, customers and visitors begin to look forward to what you have to say,
  • Provide back-up with content copy-editing, rewriting, and monitoring newsletter and event information scheduling.