Professional Experience

Professional Experience

I received my Master of Arts in Leadership and Training at Royal Roads 25 years ago and have been working with community nonprofits and the great people who work with them for over thirty five years.

The experiences I’ve had with annual tasks, Boards of Directors, colleagues, and local government, have given me an understanding the challenges nonprofit leaders working with small staff numbers face. Through this, I’ve also learned how to create systems for repetitive routines in an annual cycle that bring more funding to your organization and more time for future projects and planning. I focus on practical paths for small nonprofit operations to provide:

Practical organizing solutions,

  • Organizing annual repetitive tasks for funding and reporting
  • General support for creating annual calendars
  • Organizing content, corporate papers and communications
  • Writing grant summaries
  • Story-line support for funding proposals
  • Funder criteria and application reviews
  • Preparing for and initiating Crowdfunding campaigns

Nonprofit Business Funding Support

If you need support in getting your grant information organized, you can download GNG’s free resources for getting organized:

If you want to take it a step further, please see  The Grant Writing and Funding Coach–Target and Acquire the Funds You Need published with Self Counsel Press in April 2017.