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What I Do

I research and write summaries for individuals, nonprofits and businesses who want to connect with  customers, funders, visitors and readers.  My experience is in educational tourism, natural and social history and in research that leads to writing broad narratives and storylines in a pleasure-reading style. Destination, nonprofit and tourism web writing is also something with which I have years of experience and I collaborate with a couple of designers to get your message across with words, images and design and to keep information to visitors and customers moving.

What You Do

What’s special about what you do? Probably many things. Every business is unique. Most of the people I know don’t make choices on cost alone. They look for what’s unique about the place, experience, stories and how they feel about your project or business.

I’m not an expert in any given area. I’m a proud generalist. The advantage to being a generalist is that I ask the same questions funders and customers ask. What makes what you’re doing stand out? What gives it integrity in their lives? I look for those answers. I research. Sometimes, there’s a good historic story. Other times, there are little known facts that you take for granted, but others won’t.

Whether a popular destination or a rural nonprofit, it’s all the same. People, customers, funders, want to connect on a meaningful level. Make it happen for them. Provide information that engages your customers.

Along with narrative and summary writing, my work includes web and social media writing. I also create background articles of interest and storylines. Whether it’s historic research, storylines, or features, I aim to help you create great content for your customer or funder.

Grant Proposal Writing and Mentoring

Are you an individual, community organization or nonprofit that needs mentoring for finding and applying for targeted project funds? Do you need some help with getting your information organized?

If so, first, you might want to download the free resources I provide for getting organized:

If you want to take it a step further, please see my new book The Grant Writing and Funding Coach–Target and Acquire the Funds You Need published with Self Counsel Press in April 2017.

If you have a project with which you need some help, I’m happy to review summaries, get you started and help you build some bridges with funders.

Contact me at info@griffithscommunications.com

Each Business, Community and Project Is Unique

The facts, history, the people involved–all of the components that have brought you to this stage are what make your business, community and project unique. You’re the expert. You know what you want to achieve. I listen to you and work with you to reach your goals.