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About Deborah

Hello, my name is Deb Griffiths. I’m the owner of GNG Communications Inc. But let’s get to the exciting part of the story, which, I’m happy to say, includes many other people with whom I’ve been able to collaborate on research, books, grants, exhibit storylines, web pages and branding. For over twenty five years I’ve had the pleasure of being a museum curator, administrator and writer. And for the past ten years, a business owner.

Along the way, I’ve had hands-on experiences with remarkable artifact and archival collections. I’ve overseen funding for capital building projects. I’ve been there for a couple of world class dinosaur-age discoveries and all the writing and fundraising that goes along with it.

Exhibit and publication storylines, from the history of Okanagan rodeos and vineyards to pictorial histories of life on Vancouver Island, cretaceous fossils and Hawaii’s forests have kept me curious.

None of this happens solo. I continue to work with people who bring their creativity and hard work to projects. Because so much of the work I do requires funding, I’ve written many grants and two books on grants.

My colleague, Steve Smith, Owner of Forestry Management Consultants -Hawaii Forestry and I keep up with forest happenings in Hawaii with our blog Hawaii Forest Tracks.

I share my life with my family on Vancouver Island and Hawaii Island.

My Focus

I’ve always loved writing, reading, museums, galleries, the great outdoors and music. My family moved frequently. Books were our friends and museums, galleries and parks acquainted us with new places. Music brought us together. It all still works that way.

Today, I focus on destination writing, mentoring people who read my grant books and on storyline research and narrative writing for pleasure reading books about natural and social history. It’s been a rewarding experience working with publishers like Harbour Publishing and Self-Counsel Press. I’ve also written a children’s non-fiction book on paleontology and two fiction novels. On the education side, English and Anthropology studies at San Francisco State University and a Master of Arts from Royal Roads University gave me a wide range of information. I’ve won a number of awards independently and with colleagues.

My Latest Work

The Grant Writing and Funding Coach, published with Self-Counsel Press Int will be out in early May 2017.

Previous Clients

Discretion and objectivity are key elements in working with clients, especially for tackling projects with layers of information, governance, budgets and presentation. My job is to help you get the job completed–beginning, middle and end.

To date, clients include:

  • First Nations communities
  • Museums
  • A regional international airport
  • Municipalities
  • Mid-size companies
  • A national non-profit corporation
  • Community resource center
  • Forest industry association and non-profit institute
  • Bio-fuel business
  • Tourism organizations
  • Regional economic development societies

Areas of Experience

Some of the subject areas successfully funded:

  • Funding for restoration of heritage buildings (each over 2.5M)
  • Recycling and open waste management
  • Seniors Infrastructure
  • Job Opportunities programmes
  • Forestry training programmes
  • Targeted administrative training programmes
  • Bio-fuel Project
  • Traveling exhibitions
  • Wharf restoration
  • Installation of palaeontological exhibitions
  • Branding and communications (with graphic artists)
  • Dryland Forest Restoration
  • Hawaii Forestry Forums
  • Development of websites and organization of content (working with web designers)
  • NSERC programme delivery
  • Business plans and feasibility studies
  • Community Infrastructure